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Working housewife

A modern woman is very busy - working professionally and later until the evening, working at home and looking after the children. It is scary to think when she finds time for herself, or maybe she doesn’t?

If for some reason you have to deal with work and household chores all by yourself, make sure they are organised well and you will also have time for yourself. Bien Magazine comes to the rescue.

Work is work, home is home

It is difficult but necessary to acquire the skill of radically separating the time at work to the time of being at home. At work you cannot think about domestic matters, because you'll be distracted and all activities will drag and take longer. The same needs to happen at home - closing the door, leave the work outside. Do not think about it, do not analyse the day in the office. This will allow you to concentrate on other tasks, and - above all - loved ones and yourself.

Do things in the evening so you don’t rush in the morning

There are a number of things that can be completed successfully in the evening to avoid the morning stress, running around nervously and not being able to make appointments on time. Get your clothes ready for yourself and your children and make sure the children packed everything they need for school. If you plan to pay the bills the next day, prepare them in the evening. You'll see how comfortably you spend the morning.

Plan the most important tasks

Buy a notebook with a calendar and write in there any important tasks you have to complete and things to do. It does not matter whether they need to be organised tomorrow, next week, or next month. If you write them down, you will not have to circle back to them in your thoughts. Besides - you will not miss or forget anything, you will not have to rearrange the whole day to make it to the doctors with a visit made over a month ago.


Make a list of products, regularly create weekly menus and do bulk shopping on Saturday. Not running every day to shop for bits will save you an unimaginable amount of time. Also check what you can buy online. This saves time brilliantly.


Preparing meals for the whole family takes a lot of time. Therefore, plan your weekly menu so there are dishes that can be freely eaten the next day and those that can be frozen; casserole, stew, etc. You will find time during the weekend to spend more time in the kitchen.


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