online magazines uk, Impulsive shopping can be dangerous for the wallet and the person’s psychology, because it often causes a lot of guilt

Control impulsive shopping

It is difficult in today's world not to fall victim to advertising. More so because they evoke subconscious desires to have certain things, promise well-being, happiness and improvement of all your relationships. In addition to these, there also promotions, rebates and special offers. It is difficult to control your urge to shop and finding excuses for other purchases, that are sometimes unnecessary. When we see something that we like in the first place we think about where to get the money as soon as possible to buy it. It is not until much later that the sensible questions arise - do I really need this, will it somehow change my life. A very important question - what or how much do I have to sacrifice to get the dream product? Women's magazine online investigate.

Impulsive shopping

Impulsive buying is nothing but a process of lacking the analysis and spending money on an item that caught our eye - bought to satisfy a temporary desire for the pleasure of proving to ourselves that we can afford to buy it. Many of those impulsive purchases massively disappoint. Rather than buy an expensive new phone with functions that you do not use, you could save the money and use it for a holiday abroad. Otherwise what is left are grief, disappointment and annoyance with yourself for completely unnecessary or excessively expensive purchases.

How to manage the impulsive shopping?

There is a very simple piece of advice, following it is, unfortunately, not so easy. If you feel that you just have to buy something and the price of the product goes much beyond logic, postpone the purchase for 30 days. Yes, it's a long time, but it is necessary, because in most cases people who have decided to wait for a month with their decision, stated after that time that they didn’t, at all, want the product. They realised that it would’ve been, quite simply, a complete waste of money.

Watch what happens in your head

Your wallet, unfortunately, will not automatically close when you will feel the need for a crazy and unnecessary (as it turns out later) purchase and the credit card will not forbid you the purchase. You have to control your thoughts and reactions. Not as bad if you're on your own, worse, if you have family and  children. Then you have to be doubly careful. Ask yourself if your crazy decision did not infringe too seriously on the household budget. Will the children lose out on it? Are you one hundred percent sure that the purchased object will make you happy? This way you will save a lot of money and even more unnecessary stress and guilt.


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