Healthy lifestyle for children to understand that the child will rebel against orders and your wishes

When the child constantly says "no"

When your toddler comes out of the cute baby phase, who once communicated with the world through tears and now becomes a small "speaker" – there are real challenges awaiting you. So at 26 months of age, children turn into truly stubborn creatures. This is the time when a strong sense of independence and individuality is born in your child. They feel that they are strong enough to be able to decide things for themselves. Therefore, they start to rebel, oppose you at every opportunity and one thing that you hear is sacramental "no." Although a child can be really annoying, you have to survive this stage with a stoic peace. Here are our tips for child care.

Test of strength

A stubborn two year old explores the limits of your endurance and patience and also its power. Therefore it will do anything to annoy you, to stand its ground and put into practice what it deems appropriate, even if it is in conflict with all laws of logic. The toddler starts arguments and sulks when you do not listen to or you do not meet their requirements. It is a natural reaction to the world rules. Your child does not like the fact that someone imposes rules upon them, if they wish to live in their own way and act according to their tastes.

Do not forbid everything

Many parents slap unruly and stubborn children. It is not a solution. This way they show their child that the strongest person has the power. They root fear and a sense of humiliation in to them. Nothing good will come out of treating your toddler like that. You only build bad relationships and give a terrible example.

The way to deal with a stubborn toddler is different – they must be allowed certain things. Of course, within reason. If it wishes to run naked around the house, let them run. If they want to play the same game for a whole week, let them do that. This will give them a much-needed sense of control over their own lives. And finally when they get bored they will happily come back to you to get some suggestions as to what they can do.

Give your child the choice

In some simple cases it is worth giving your little one a choice. Let them decide which path to take to go home. They will feel important and that their opinion counts. Give them alternatives, asking - "we will do this, or that?" Narrow the choice which will give the child the illusion that it decides itself.

You must remember never to respond with aggression to their tantrums, they will learn to use your emotions against you. The child must know the boundaries that they cannot cross. But – for them to know about those, you need to clarify the rules. You are dealing with a small, but thinking, human being.


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