tips for healthy lifestyle - green tea is one of the best natural medicines for fighting stress and illnesses

Green tea is great not only for stress

Today our suggested tips for healthy living are... to drink green tea. Luxurious types of green tea, which has been known to humanity for thousands of years, are permanently added to the canon of natural medicine.

In a polluted world, where everyone rushes around not caring about their diet, they often forget about the basic needs of their bodies and green tea seems to be one of the best natural helpers regulating digestion and reducing stress. Therefore it is important to learn how to brew and drink green tea and create out of it a daily, few minutes ritual. Its results will be felt for many years.

Green tea and stress

The human organism needs antioxidants which catch and eliminate free radicals that are responsible for amongst other things aging or even cancer threats.

The more stress we are under the more free radicals are in our body. Therefore green tea is a great solution for those who look after their health.

Green tea advised for high blood pressure and stomach ulcers

Because green tea contains much less ingredients causing high blood pressure than black tea, it is recommended to everyone suffering with their blood pressure. Also because green tea contains less theobromine, it is dedicated to people with sensitive digestive systems and those suffering from stomach ulcers.

Green tea helps avoid colds

Green tea also works in an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral way which can be a great thing to use to build up the immune system and prevent colds.

Other good effects of green tea

Studies show that drinking green tea can also help in regulating blood sugar which is crucial for people suffering from diabetes. It helps to control body weight as it lessens the appetite and fat absorbing capability.  Green tea also reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth which prevents tooth decay.

Green tea lovers reduce the risk of cancer

Two, but ideally four mugs of green tea daily, brought many interesting results in the studies of cancer. It turns out that drinking green tea as well as keeping normal, healthy diets, significantly reduces the possibility of developing cancer which are real plagues of humanity.


Author: Bien Magazine

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