personal development top tips, failure does not mean an end of development – it is exactly the opposite

Forgive yourself for failing

We are all brought up in a culture in which we praised people too infrequent for their achievement, temperament, desire and joy of life, but often criticise for errors, stumblings and failures. As a result, almost everyone of us has a destructive mechanism inside them and a lot of self-destruction. When you make a mistake, it turns on as if on cue, the inner critic and it starts the humiliating process of attacking the you for your failure. Such self-flagellation takes - depending on the problem - even a few years. Years which could be spent on creative activities, developing a passion, talents, interests and achieving goals. Here some personal development tips.

Programmed to analyse own failures

Unfortunately, many people have found a delight in the eternal digging through their mistakes, failures and imperfections. They become bitter, believe in nothing, wait for the situation, which confirms the fact that they are worthless. They are waiting for something bad to happen, which of course, occurs because it is so eagerly awaited. These people program themselves for defeat.

Worst of all, people like this have a very bad impact on the environment - for family, friends and close ones. It is easier to give in to destructive thoughts, than to do something creative and valuable. So - such people should be avoided, because they are toxic. They infect others with pessimism.

Do not blame the world for your mistakes

If you feel that you are a person we wrote about or you are slowly becoming one, it's time to take care of yourself. You must objectively, with the greatest possible distance and coolness evaluate your life, behavior, reactions, aspirations and goals. And it turns out that 99% of the time you alone are to blame for the situation you are in. Stop blaming the whole world - childhood, parents, school, friends, civilization, government, etc. Nothing stands in the way to live how you see fit. You only need courage to take life into your own hands.

Mistakes and failures are part of life

It makes no sense to attack yourself for every stumble, endlessly analysing failures and come to the conclusion that you are worthless and the situation will never change. You make mistakes to learn. You cannot learn anything without making mistakes – this is how life was created.

But - here a very important note - if you make a mistake in life, a small or big error, give yourself time to think about it. When you get to the bottom of it and understand what the mistake was, your obligation is to do everything in your power to not make this error again. In addition - you must fix the consequences of your mistake, no matter how painful it will be and how much time it will require, only then do you feel the master of your own life and someone who is really a grown up. Someone who analyses and repairs their mistakes and failures is building their own strength.


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