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Live in the way that you will never regret

“Catch the day”, “live in the moment” and “be happy with life”. – Those words were spoken by ancient people who wanted to make people realise that life is fragile, short and there is no time in it to delay the important things. Online magazines for women, specialists from many areas, writers, artists and philosophers agree in one; human, who forgets about fulfilling their desires, because they have a feeling of having a lot of time ahead of them can one day regret it.

What do people regret before death?

The world was moved by the conversations of Australian nurse Bronnie Ware, who spent several years talking to old, dying people. Being aware that their end was close looked at life from a different perspective and possibly objectively, they created a collection of the things people regret in the time of impending end of life.

Living on other people’s terms and working too hard

Old people regretted most of all that they couldn’t live by their own rules, according to their desires and wishes. It was hard for them to accept that they were influenced by someone’s opinion, views, guided by their family, friends and bosses preferences. They were very unhappy. They didn’t find enough courage in themselves to live by their own rules, following their own desires.

Many Bronnie Ware’s conversationalists regretted, secondly, spending years in hard work that didn’t give many results. They felt bitter that they wasted the best years of their lives earning money for living, basic needs or family expenses. They didn’t have enough courage to decide that they will work for equally big money.

Bad relationships with people

Very large group of older people severely regretted they couldn’t express their feelings. Sometimes it was caused by culture, upbringing or their ways. In most of the cases people thought that someone will guess what they feel towards them, what they dream about and think. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened so they lost many years of their lives not creating the big and important art of expressing feelings – both the simple and those complicated ones.

They also regretted not spending enough time with the people that mattered to them most. Family and friends were often moved onto the second plan. As the result of that the old people used to suffer from painful loneliness. In many cases it was too late to rebuild the good relationships. 

They didn’t allow themselves to be happy

What is probably most horrifying in all those confessions – people talked about the fact they didn’t allow themselves to be happy. They didn’t make the right choices, they could be happy with little things; they waited until something spectacular happens, without their input and engagement.

Be aware of passing time

It is only down to you whether one day you will regret not doing something that you wanted to do or planned to do. You have to be, unfortunately, completely responsible for your life. No one else will do that for you, they won’t live your life, won’t find the happiness for you. In some cases you have to be a wise egoist to find fulfillment and live without regrets.


Author: Bien Magazine

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