best advice on household cleaning - pretty, white nets can be a real decoration for your window

How to wash curtains and nets

Curtains should be washed regularly for two reasons. They decorate the windows and the house, you look at them a thousand times a day, so it is good to keep a nice view before your eyes of white, fresh nets or clean curtains, than yellowed and unsightly things. The second issue - curtains need to be washed often, as they absorb, like a filter, dirt, dust and  cigarette smoke. Dirty curtains and nets are a real hell for those suffering with allergies. Online magazines UK have few ideas to help you with this.

Hand washing curtains and nets

Curtains can be washed by hand, which gives a good effect, because gentle fibers of the material are not at risk of being damaged. This primarily affects linen, cotton or tulle curtains and nets. These should be washed in warm soapy water and rinsed in lukewarm water with the addition of starch. Nets are usually dried stretched out on the line, and when dry, ironed along the threads, so as not to damage the material. You have to remember that the temperature of the iron cannot exceed 150-180 degrees.

In turn, the curtain and nets made of artificial fibers (such as - nylon, tergal, stylon) should be washed in water with a powder or liquid detergent. These curtains, after draining them from the excess water can immediately hang on the curtain rod, because they do not require ironing.

Wash curtains and nets in the washing machine

Curtains can also be washed in a washing machine by setting the program to delicate fabrics and the temperature of a maximum 30 degrees. White or light coloured nets should be washed using a washing powder designed for whites or in solutions formulated for curtains and nets.

Inserting the curtains into the washing machine, it is best to fold them into a square. You can also use a special washing bag, which protects the curtains and nets against damage. If you do not have a bag, you can put the curtains into a white pillowcase.

Do not put too many curtains in at once, because they will crease and require considerable treatment to get them back to good working condition.

Curtains washed this way can be hung up straight away on the curtain pole. They do not have be dried or ironed, they will dry while hung up and in the same time they will form nicely.


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