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Weaning a child off a pacifier

A pacifier is a child’s friend. A toddler has so much love and affection for it, it treasures it as adults do their cars, money or fame. Therefore, you need a great patience and understanding while your child is getting used to living without a pacifier. It will certainly not be an easy process. Of course, there are children who part with their pacifier without stress, almost imperceptibly. But a very large group of kids have a big problem with this. The child does not understand why it has to give up what is closest to it. Here some tips for child care and dealing with the pacifier issue.

Give up a pacifier, take a toy

It is good to wean your child off from a pacifier relatively quickly. When your child is twelve – thirteen months, first attempts can be carried out. But often parents see that the child does not want to part with its beloved pacifier, so they leave the matter be. Then after a while it becomes hard.Children think selfishly - "you took something from me so give me something instead". That's why you have to suggest something else to a child to become interested in and leave the pacifier. But this process can take several months. Older toddler can be taken to the shop where it chooses a toy instead of a pacifier.

Pacifier broke

Some use a method of shortening the pacifier piece by piece, so that the child has the feeling of pacifier breaking. This method is quite debatable. With some children it is effective, for others it does not work.

Give a pacifier to a child in need

Slightly older children can be told that a younger sibling or other small baby needs a pacifier and you should give it to them, you have to share. In most cases, your toddler will give the pacifier away, led by the goodness of heart, but in the evening it can look for the beloved friend and it may be difficult.

Animal ate the pacifier

The older child can be told that the beloved pacifier was a victim of a dog, cat or other animal. One mother said to the child, after a visit in the zoo, that a giraffe swallowed the pacifier. Unfortunately, for many weeks she had to go back to the zoo and point the finger at the culprit.

Take the pacifier and wait

Finally, the most drastic method, which sometimes gives results – you need to take the pacifier away and wait out the time of hysteria. This is definitely a method for strong-hearted, who will not break while listening to the desperate cry.


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