online magazines uk discuss logical use of water will save you a lot of money on bills

How to save water?

When we are forced to pay huge bills every month, every penny that can be saved, becomes valuable. So we should look very carefully at how we use water and see if we could somehow reduce its consumption - and consequently the water bill. Our article will give you small saving tips.

How to install in your home?

To start the process of saving water and saving money on bills, you need to check the condition of the plumbing in your house. Note whether there are leaks anywhere – you can easily check whether or not there are any, just write down the meter reading before and after two hours when you will not use any water. You also need to repair, replace, or seal all dripping taps. Also check if the toilet flush does not leak, it is worth pouring a coloured dye into the cistern to check. If there is a leak, the dye will appear in the toilet basin within 30 minutes. It is also worth installing in your home different devices to limit the water consumption.

Logically use water in the bathroom

Never pour out clean water, which can still be used for something else e.g. for watering plants, use in the garden, or for cleaning. Avoid unnecessarily flushing water in the toilet - throw handkerchiefs in the trash, not in the toilet. Take a quick shower. Replace the shower nozzle with one that has a smaller stream. When you brush your teeth or shave, turn the water off.

Saving water in the kitchen

Only turn on the dishwasher when it is full and set it to the eco mode. If you wash dishes or pots by hand, fill one compartment of your sink with water and washing liquid, and once washed, rinse quickly under a small stream of running water in the second compartment. Never defrost meat or frozen food by leaving them under running water.

Saving water in the garden and the yard

Water your lawn sparingly - summer grass needs water every 5-7 days, and if your area experiences heavy rain fall, just water it once every two weeks. Make sure the sprinkler wets only the flowers and lawn, and doesn’t water the driveway and sidewalk unnecessarily.

Cover the earth around the plants with bark, this will keep the moisture in the ground. Find out which plants, bushes or rock gardens need occasional watering. Put together plants with similar water requirements. Also consider setting up a rainwater tank, which can successfully water the  garden.

Do not wash your car in the driveway, instead us a car wash as they use recycled water.


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