tips for healthy eating, what you eat affects in great measure your health for years

The idea of healthy eating

More and more people realise the importance of healthy eating. Meals are fuel for our bodies, mind, metabolism and other bio-chemistry and biological changes happening. What we eat has a great impact on our health, vitality, way of thinking, the ability of creative work and energy to live.

There are a few basic rules which start the conversation about healthy eating. Here some tips for healthy lifestyle.

12 product groups

For many decades of studies into different types of food and their influence on the human body, how they help create changes in the body; diet, nutrition and supplement, specialists identified twelve basic groups of foods.

  1. Grains
  2. Meat and dairy
  3. Meat, cold cuts, fish and giblets
  4. Eggs
  5. Butter and cream
  6. Other fats
  7. Potatoes
  8. Vegetables and fruit rich in vitamin C
  9. Vegetables and fruit rich in carotene
  10. Other fruits and vegetables
  11. Dry seeds
  12. Sugar and sweets

The more we know about each group of products, the more this group grows and develops. It is important to regularly use all the products from all twelve groups in our whole diet (in a week, month, year).

Plan your meals

There are a few criteria needed to plan meals well, adapt them to energy needs (less food for a person working behind a desk and more for someone who works physically), age, lifestyle or the intolerance of certain groups of products.

We also have to take into consideration the products that are in season and what’s most important is how we prepare them. We have to boil, steam, stew, bake and rarely fry. We should steam our food because this is a very healthy way to prepare meat and vegetables.

Prepare a weekly meal plan

Plan your food for at least a week in advance. This is against all odds, very easy if you want to eat healthy and use many or all of the twelve product groups and varied preparation methods.

Scientists said that when it comes making meals; soup followed by meat with potatoes and salad for example, you shouldn’t repeat the colour, products or the technology when cooking.

Additionally – to eat really healthily, we need to plan for at least four and ideally five meals per day.

Good cookware and cooking lessons

Only when you meet all the criteria can you then talk about starting to eat healthily. Now – in this order – you have to purchase good cookware, frying pans and knives, otherwise even the best organic products will lose their nutritious properties and vitamins.

You can also regularly expand your culinary skills so by making small mistakes you don’t ruin a very healthy meal into something that does not serve as fuel.   


Author: Bien Magazine

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