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Are you guilty of basket abandonment?

If basket abandonment sounds all too familiar to you, you’re in the company of thousands of online shoppers, as it has been found that 77.3% of all online shopping baskets remain abandoned.

Almost a fifth of these baskets were left because shoppers decided they wanted to compare the prices of their items elsewhere before committing to making a purchase, while the others felt the cost of the items were too high. Shoppers are then often left with the dilemma of buying the item they really want at full price or compromising and buying a different version of it for less.

It can be frustrating for shoppers when they find the ideal outfit or item for their home and realise it is either over-priced or out of their budget. Savvy shoppers don’t want to spend unnecessarily, but with the speed and ease at which consumers want goods, they don’t want to have to trawl the internet for deals either.

PIWoP, a price drop alert tool, notifies consumers when an item they are keen to buy meets or falls below the price they are willing to pay. The experts behind the tool have provided advice as to how to save valuable time when looking for discounts, so you don’t have to abandon those beautiful shoes.

Be savvy towards what is really most affordable
This one counts for food shopping in particular, especially when a larger pack of something is on special offer. However, check if this is actually cheaper than buying two or three smaller packs of the same item. Quite often, this saves money as you can buy two of something and get a few extra, for only a little extra cost.

Sign up for email alerts
If you don’t want to scroll through pages and pages of sale items, signing up to email alerts means that websites notify you when a sale is on, rather than you having to hunt for them. Quite often, if you’ve left an item in your basket, websites have been known to alert you when that specific item has gone down in price or even send you a coupon.

Get a loyalty card
While they might take a few minutes to register, if you know a brand offers discounts every quarter for those with a loyalty card, it will save time and money when it comes to shopping as an email will usually tell you which items are on offer and for how long.

Utilise technology
Technology is adapting all the time to changes in shopping trends and tools such as PIWoP have been developed so that you click the Panda button installed on your browser, or "share" the item with PIWoP from a phone/tablet, enter the price at which you'd like to be notified and you’ll be alerted when an item you are after meets or falls below that price.


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