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A few ways to make money on your hobby

When you are employed full time, you know in advance how much money you will be able to earn, you know what you need to spend it on and how much will be left. What if there is nothing left? You can look for another job, but this means giving up your free time which is already very limited. So it is worth thinking about whether you can make money on your own hobby, doing something that you enjoy.

Of course, the matter is not simple, because it requires an idea, courage, plan and ... action. But the experience of many who tried it shows that it is worth pursuing this path. Bien Magazine looks into this matter.

An activity for a writer

If you have a good ability to write and you have something to write about, you can try to create a blog. If, after a long time, of course, it becomes popular and often read, you have a chance to make money from advertising. To achieve this is a unfortunately a long process, but it is worth a try.

What can you write about? Of course about the things that you know best, what makes you happy and what you can share with others.

By setting up a blog you need to find out a bit about its functioning, systematism and how to write - but there is an abundance of information on the internet.

Cooking for others

This one is one of the ideas that turns out to be good to check out - if you like to cook, you can create a mini-canteen by feeding neighbours or friends for example. There are huge numbers of people who do not have the time, desire or talent to cook. They can buy from you, such as home made lunches or warm dinners. And if you deliver them to their home it is a guaranteed success.


As it turns out, the search for what is handmade is a trend still popular. The various knitted or crocheted items, blankets, bed covers, napkins, baby clothes are still very fashionable and probably will never stop being popular. Here you will be able to get help from many various online auctions where you can exhibit your creations. Just do not think about them that they are not worthy of being sold!


If you love to walk, you can use it as a method of making money. How do you make money on walks? Simply. There are many people or creatures that for various reasons have to walk outside or be led out. You can create an ad in which you declare, for example, walking with kids in the park (parents will have a moment of freedom for themselves), walking with an older person who is lonely or dog walking.


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