online fashion magazines advise, the young couple have to think carefully whether they want a big or modest wedding

Modest or extravagant wedding

The most common opinions about this special day is that it is the most important day which opens a very important chapter of two people’s lives. Many believe that this has to be celebrated with possibly the most extravagant wedding, big party because a small dinner with the closest ones will not be remembered as much as a boisterous party for hundreds of people spanning a couple of days. Bien Magazine will look into this for you.

Wedding for you or the others?

Unfortunately many future young couples surrender to the opinion of their parents, who cannot imagine a quiet wedding. If they are paying for the wedding, they believe they can make the rules. Ask yourselves though whether you are the types who like this kind of party. Whether you like to be surrounded by many people, whether you will cope well with speaking to well-wishers you see for the first time?

Think whether this wedding will not be a “strength test” – whether your parents are not interested in showing others that their child’s wedding is bigger and better than their friends’ children.

Big wedding

This wedding will definitely bring a lot of joy to the young couple who love to be the centre of attention. The bride will be able to show off her amazing wedding dress and the groom will draw the looks of all the guests. This will be the time for the most expensive gowns, luxurious wedding accessories, the car that even a sheikh wouldn’t be ashamed of and the most exclusive venue for the wedding party that you could find.

A party like this has of course its own disadvantages – it is hard to organise, requires making never ending arrangements, a lot of time is required and a lot of money.

The question is whether your parents can really afford a wedding like this?

Modest party

In case of a small wedding the arrangements are very simple, the expenses are, of course, much smaller comparing to the extravagant wedding. It only takes to order a dinner at a restaurant, maybe choose a separate room and hire a DJ. While choosing the menu you can allow yourself to be more creative because you most likely know the tastes of your guests.

This small wedding will only include the closest people which means that many will not be invited. You have to take into consideration that a part of your family or friends will be offended.

You have to, of course, check whether your family agrees with this kind of a wedding because some may feel uncomfortable with the situation which could spoil the day.


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