You can only eliminate your internal critic by actions, take action now

How to eliminate your internal critic?

If you constantly analyse your failures for hours, this means that there’s an internal critic inside your head. In time, this internal critic begins to reveal itself even before you manage to make a move. As a result, you stop developing.

Who’s your internal critic?

Your internal critic was born the moment somebody significant to you had expressed doubts about your idea, behaviour, etc. That could have been a family member, a friend or a teacher. Regardless of who it was, that person has damaged your self-esteem. That’s how the internal critic was born. He denies your decisions. However, there is a way to get rid of him.

Ask questions

Questions are one of the critic’s most effective weapons. “What if…?”, “Maybe you should…?”, etc. They increase your doubts and create a vision of failure. However, two can play this game. Ask the critic questions: “Why shouldn’t this work out?”, “In what am I worse than the others?”. That’s the best way to deal with your doubts. Eventually, the critic will become silent and you won’t hear from him anymore.

Face your own fears

Fighting the critic helps you build up your courage to do those things you’ve always been afraid to do. You don’t have enough guts to ask the woman of your dreams out because the critic tells you she won’t be interested. Don’t listen to him – just do it! You can’t keep hiding for your entire life. Convince yourself that there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Write letters… to yourself

There’s one more method that has appeared helpful to many people – write letters to yourself. But they can’t be just any letters. They have to emphasise your positive sides. Patting yourself on the back is not always a silly thing. If you want to get rid of the nag who’s destroying your self-esteem, you should create a list of the achievements you’re genuinely proud of. This really helps!


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