personality development tips, self-esteem can be built through many years of work on yourself

How to raise your self-esteem?

Self-esteem is an inner conviction about how much you are worth. Above all, it is about internal value - talents, skills, strength to cope with problems and all kinds of good interpersonal relationships. Disturbance of any of these elements contributes to lower self-esteem. People who suffer with depression stress about the necessity of making contacts, they do not believe in themselves and their abilities and are also often victims of low self-esteem. Their self-esteem is failing badly. We look into this matter and suggest some of the best personal development tips.

What are the bases of self-esteem

The researchers emphasise that the essence of self-esteem is the unconditional acceptance of yourself, taking the form of a deep love for yourself. It may sound strange in a world that programmed us to criticise ourselves. The point here is to accept yourself and value your abilities, achievements and character traits. Such acceptance does not mean mindless forgiveness of all your mistakes and justifying any failures. Love and acceptance of yourself assumes that you have the right to make mistakes, but you also have an obligation to fix them and change yourself into a better person. In addition - we, as people, have the obligation to strengthen our position in the world, without hurting anyone else.

How to build self-esteem?

Our self-esteem becomes stronger and more stable, the more challenges we set for ourselves and the more goals we achieve. Satisfaction and pride of ourselves that we overcame a problem, that initially seemed unsolvable, perfectly supports a self-esteem.

You have to learn to impress others, to show yourself as a person of high morals, intelligence, awareness, exemplary behaviour and capable of setting goals and achieving them. When we become a model for someone, we feel quite special.

Create a list and accept the pace of changes

To be able to observe your development and feel proud of it, you should keep a diary - photos, videos, written, the form does not matter. It is important that for possibly a long period of time, regularly list your achievements, reflecting on your own nature, character, goals, plans and dreams. Written or a recorded list will help track the progress. After a few years it will be a visible sign of all the changes that have taken place in your life. You have to arm yourself here with great patience, because it takes a long time and requires daily work on yourself. You cannot take breaks in developing self-esteem. This process is constant, continuous and should be cultivated for years.


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