personal development top tips, to realise your dreams you must change them into goals and start acting on them

How to fulfill dreams and achieve goals, part 1

Everyone needs to have dreams, it is not a subject for discussion. But they should also be reached, because otherwise they will turn from lovable, supporting thoughts into nagging sad memories of defeat. Unrealised dreams are, unfortunately, dangerous. They build in a man a sense that they are not worth much and haven’t coped well with life. Many begin to dislike themselves, accused of incompetence, because they failed to fulfill their dreams. But - if all those unfortunates looked at themselves from a distance and honestly say how much they have done to achieve their dreams, it would turn out that, unfortunately, very little, or even nothing.

So how do you do it, so the dreams do not turn out to be a fiasco, and became real? We, here at Bien Magazine have the answers.

Change dreams into goals

Dreams are sometimes a little vague and illusory. In dreams we see the finale of what we want - eg. a house already standing, in front of it a beautiful car, you in the chair of a CEO, etc. It is, of course, very important to clearly see the finale of the desires. But – the dreams are missing, most importantly - a specific, detailed plan, divided into times and steps. Do you see the difference?

If you change your dreams into goals, implement a very precise plan of action which will lead you to your destination and you will cling to it, you will certainly achieve what you wish for. Otherwise - you will forever be a dreamer, after years a bitter man envying others that they "made it". Nonsense – they never "made it", but took their lives into their own hands. They changed dreams into goals.

Achieving goals has to be learnt

Unfortunately, this most important art in life is not taught in schools or universities. Parents usually do not teach it either. You have to learn it yourself. You can, of course, finish a special course on  achieving goals, but either way, you have to implement the theory into practice yourself. No one will do it for you.

Prepare for failures

So - no matter how old you are, get back to being a humble student. Humble for the reason that before you lies, a difficult, bumpy road. Life will want to test you more than once, putting in your way all sorts of obstacles. From your will power, resilience and strength of mind depends whether you manage to travel down this route. Unfortunately, no one can promise that it will be easy. On the contrary. We know that this is not a comforting thought, but - it is worth to know what awaits you.

Of course, the road to achieving goals or pursuing dreams, is not only filled with obstacles! Let’s not generalise. You will achieve a lot of successes, however, you must remember that the bigger and more serious the goal, the harder it will be to achieve it. But the satisfaction accompanying its completion cannot be compared with anything else. So let’s get to work and good luck!


Author: Bien Magazine

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