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How to save a broken lipstick

Latest beauty products, lipstick and lip glosses market is a world of unlimited colours and brands. The better the product the higher the price. No one is surprised to see lipsticks costing £50. Regardless how much the lipstick cost, if you are attached to it, when it breaks, it can be a mini catastrophe. For all those ladies who this happened to we have a good news – broken lipstick can be repaired.

How to fix a broken lipstick – method 1   

All you will need are two things – a lighter and a cotton bud. First of all you have to properly clean the broken edges of the lipstick so there is no dirt or dust on it. Afterwards heat up both parts of the lipstick to make them a little bit soft. Now connect both parts together – the broken part and one in the package and heat up the seam one more time. Now the only thing left is to clean any dirt off with a cotton bud and place the lipstick in the fridge for an hour. We guarantee the lipstick will be as good as new.

You just have to be careful not to warm up the lipstick too much so it doesn’t melt.

How to fix a broken lipstick – method 2

There is another way, it is more complicated but gives a better result in the same time. Here you will need a small knife, scissors, disinfectant or alcohol, plastic mask, firm tinfoil and access to a microwave and a freezer.

What to do to still enjoy your favourite lipstick

First of all you need to disinfect your knife and scissors and wash your hands properly. Place the broken piece of lipstick in a bowl and take the other part of the lipstick completely out of the packaging. Using scissors remove any remaining bits of the lipstick in the package. All pieces of lipstick will be in the bowl.

From the roll of tinfoil, cut out two squares with each side measuring 10cm. One of them needs to be rolled – making a form for our new lipstick the other part of the foil needs to be formed as a funnel. The first film – rolled – needs to be inserted all the way in – to the original lipstick package.

Now place a bowl with the lipstick pieces in it, into the microwave and heat up for a minute. Take it out and stir the melted mass, this will be poured into the roll which is sat in the lipstick package. The funnel that you prepared will allow you to easily move the mass into the prepared form. Lipstick prepared like this now needs to go into the freezer for 40 minutes.

Next, try to make the lipstick come out of the package with the roll and gently remove the roll. Now you just need to shorten the lipstick so the lid can be applied on the top of the package.


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