Best advice on household cleaning - simple, homemade solutions will help bring back the shine of silver cutlery and jewellery

How to clean silver?

Silver has an unfortunate tendency to become covered by an unsightly coating, which at the beginning is yellow, then brown, and eventually black. On the other hand, silver jewellery can also darken due to contact with cosmetics, soap, perfumes and sweat. Cutlery, tableware, various silver ornaments or silver jewellery can be cleaned with various chemical solutions - or a homemade cleaning method.

Fortunately, the garish coating can be removed efficiently. Here are some household cleaning tips and suggestions on how to do it.

Wiping the silver with toothpaste

This is one of the most popular ways to clean silver. Silver needs to be rubbed with a cotton cloth which has a bit of toothpaste on it. You just need to be careful not to use toothpaste with too much sodium, which will destroy the silver. And the second objection, you need to use a toothpaste without the whitening agents. If the silver is not smooth but brushed, you can also use a clean toothbrush with medium hardness fibres.

Aluminum foil and salt

Another simple method for removing the dirty coating from silver involves dipping the object in hot water and salt. At the bottom of a bowl place tin-foil and on it place the item you want to clean. Keep it in the water until it is cold. Afterwards you should take the silver trinket out, thoroughly wash and dry it.

7up and Coca-Cola and cleaning silverware

Both 7UP and Coca-Cola, thanks to the acids they contain, are excellent at removing dirt that covers, for example, engraving on silver cutlery. Just dip them for some time in one of those drinks, then thoroughly wash and dry.

Cleaning silver with ash

This is one of the oldest methods for cleaning silverware or jewellery. A small amount of wood ash is rubbed in all over the silver with a wet cotton cloth. After cleaning, the silver has to be washed, and it is worth polishing it with a piece of flannel.


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