Bien Magazine advises throwing a New Year’s Eve party in your house can be stressful but also very pleasant

Successful New Year's Eve at home

Organising New Year's Eve at home is no small task. Hosts want everything to be perfect, the guests had fun, ate delicacies and joyfully greeted the New Year. If this task, which is arranging a home New Year's Eve party, seems hard to achieve, read our tutorial and everything will certainly go like clockwork. Our magazine is one of the best online magazines for women and we will share with you some of our tips on celebrating New Year's Eve at home.

Invite guests in advance and confirm their arrival

In advance determine how many visitors may appear at your New Year's Eve party, whether they will come alone or with their partners. You also need to, to avoid unnecessary confusion and unpleasant surprise, a few days earlier contact all invited, to confirm whether they will come. Someone might suddenly decide that a New Year's Eve in Paris is far more attractive. Someone else may decide to go skiing. Find out in advance whether all guests will attend, to save you the disappointment and unnecessary work.

Create an appropriate menu

Do not get trapped in the terrible rhythm of cooking two days before New Year's Eve. On such events small snacks work perfectly well; salads, small sweets and only one hot dish. Don’t prepare massive trays of cakes, a few hot dishes or sophisticated delicacies. Remember that you also have the right to fabulously spend the time - with guests in the room, not alone in the kitchen.

Everyone can bring something with them

An even better way is to establish with each of the invited guests, who will bring something to eat and the problem of spending hours in the kitchen solves itself. You just have to be careful not to duplicate the dishes. If you organize such a "Contributory" party, on the table there may be plastic and paper plates and spoons. Eliminating the problem of washing. You can only drink the champagne from a real glass.

New Year's Eve attractionsFor the event not to turn into a group of people sitting in front of the TV, think about how to spice up this special night. You can for example organize a thematic event – agree with the guest what you will be dressing up as, prepare the right decorations for the room and, of course, match your menu to the theme.Think about other attractions, will you play games, have fireworks? During this evening, you have to surprise your guests with something. Certainly come up with an idea for something attractive. Search online for inspirations.

New Year Eve’s decorations

An appropriately decorated house has a great influence on the atmosphere of the New Year's Eve event. Therefore, you can decorate the outside door with twinkling lights, in the rooms hang streamers and balloons and place colourful, aromatic candles in the rooms.


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