tips for child care - the digital world can bring many good things but also just as many dangers

A child in the digital world

The digital world carries a lot of dangers for children. But, if you think about it, it also gives endless opportunities to develop or provide wise entertainment. You cannot separate the child from the digital world, because this way you will create someone incognisant, ridiculed by its peers and who dreads progress. A child deprived of access to the internet, that cannot use a computer or has no contact with the latest technologies is someone who does not find a place in the modern world. It would have to be isolated from its peers and the whole reality, to somehow survive day after day. Here some of our tips for child care when it come to a digital world.

When do you give your child a mobile phone

When a child becomes independent, when it begins to spend a lot of time outdoors, you should purchase them a phone - and one that will allow you to easily and quickly locate it. It does not matter whether it's a pre-paid phone or a contract one as there are plenty of options. It is important that the child has contact with its parent and vice versa.

Parents sometimes wonder whether the child should have own phone. But it's hard to imagine the agony they must experience when a child does not return home at the agreed time.

It is important that the child was given a simple and easy-to-use phone with a long battery life. Do not give it the latest and most desirable phone.

Child and a tablet or a PC

This combination is already a standard. You cannot, as we already reported, separate a child from technology, the more because the child is finding them quite natural. Schools, and even kindergartens, use tablets and computers to educate children.

Of course, you have to control the time and content closely, which are exposed to the child using a computer or a tablet. But this is not the slightest trouble. There are countless applications and programs that allow you to set up parental lock.

The digital world cannot replace the real one

Here begins your role, because the child alone is not going to follow this - watch out that the digital reality is not obscuring its view of a real world. The child must be in contact with their peers, play with them, go outside; it must also read a book or pursue its passions and interests outside the online space.

Respond immediately if you notice that your child became addicted to the digital world.


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