online magazines for women advise board games are a very import ant element in child’s intellectual and emotional development

Board games develop

Modern kids cannot imagine their lives without computers, multimedia sources, tablets, TV or a games console. Even 3-4 year olds are able to start a games console by themselves. Of course, modern kids have to, within reason, have contact with technology gadgets, otherwise they will be rejected by their peers in kindergarten or at school although we cannot let it get out of hand. It is important for the parents to consciously plan their child’s free time. Bien Magazine explores one of the options is playing board games.

Games teach teamwork

Playing together with their parents, siblings or peers erradicates social isolation which is common for kids addicted to computer games or TV. Thanks to board games children learn different rules and principles. They learn to understand that they are not the most important and they have to share the time with the other players, taking turns to play next. This way they develop different interpersonal skills.

Games teach independent thinking and problem solving

Many types of board games are not only focused on getting the player from start to finish. There are complicated games which require problem solving, logical thinking and decision making that they are completely responsible for. Games are making them look for solutions, analyse, synthesize. Others teach them moral rules differentiating between good and bad, and the ability to understand the consequences of bad choices.

Games develop mind and emotions

Board games also function as a tool of developing creativity. They allow to become different characters and play different roles and scenarios. Heros, who the children impersonate or equate with, go through good and bad times during their adventures and quests. The child has to try and cope with different challenges from which not all will end well. This is a great skill because the child learns how to deal with a fail. Here it is different than in online games, where the life “returns” and they can complete the level again.

Games help with managing emotions

According to scientists, many board games were created to help children get rid of the stress of daily living or school. Board games teach a healthy competition and working as a team. They develop independence, which causes kids to learn through fun and discover how the world works. Playing the board games the child has to overcome the attacks of anger when they lose. They can’t throw themselves on the board game because it will ruin the achievements of other players. They have to hold back negative emotions and control them. 


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