Personality development tips, being proud of yourself is one of the harder life skills

Create your own private list of successes

People are unfortunately taught a false modesty. If someone pays a compliment to them or praises them for their achievements they can drastically reduce their abilities or successes. People like this think that is it rude to be proud of themselves in front of others. There is nothing more silly than this hurtful belief.

Only a person who is proud of themselves, aware of their abilities and invests time perfecting their talents will be happy. They will be able to recharge themselves to achieve even more and be able to use it as a rock in future endeavors. This person will be able to remind themselves what they did well, how they manage to overcome many obstacles, what did it cost them to achieve something and how they are different from those who always wait for a miracle. People like this will be able to achieve anything. We are looking into best personal development tips.

It is hard to create your own success list

The list of successes is not, in spite of appearances, easy to create. If someone was told to create a list of failures, weaknesses and humiliations, which they experienced, this would only take few minutes. Try to create your own list of successes and achievements. All of a sudden everything will stand in your way. Someone rings, child will start crying, your boss will finally remember you work there etc. This is your own brain trying to do everything to provoke a situation that will drag you away from thinking about what you are good at and what can you be proud of. Don’t believe it? Try it.

What will not end up on a success list?

There is also a second problem connected to making a quick list of successes. Suddenly, while you start remembering your achievements, you will start making them sound easy and trivial. You will explain to yourself that finishing a difficult university degree wasn’t really that big of a deal because other people completed it too. Being an excellent parent or mature and wise partner will also seem common, because you manage to do this daily, and so on and so forth. Millions of things, which you have all the rights to be proud of, will not end up on the list.

This, unfortunately, is an effect of an upbringing, culture, religion or a social ruling which is very hurtful and makes us see distorted versions of ourselves. They order us to be modest and not be proud of our achievements. Your role is to radically refuse those thoughts and write on a list everything that you can be proud of, even if they are small things. Life, above all, is made of those little things which, sometimes after years, create something big.

Create a list of your achievements

Take the risk. Play with it. Write your achievements down and see how you feel. We guarantee that this will be a completely unbelievable, new self-discovery. To make it easier for you, separate your successes and achievements into groups e.g. work, home and family, friends, work life, courage of removing obstacles, ability to deal with problems and development.

Your list can be as long as you like. Add to it, as far as possible, even daily and with amazement you will see how you are evolving and how you appreciate yourself. You will also experience how the world will see you. All it takes is a piece of paper, a pen and a little bit of courage.


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