personal development tips, a goal that you set for yourself has to be clear, precise and divided into manageable stages

What does goal setting entail?

Setting goals and achieving them is a natural part of human life. You have to set tiny, medium and very serious goals, otherwise your existence will turn out to be pointless. You cannot spend your life doing something irrelevant. You also cannot spend valuable time just observing others managing to achieve what they set out to do. Here some personal development tips.

What stands in the way of goal setting

People who constantly dream, continuously tell stories about what they will do, how well they will handle reality in the future, how they will overcome their fears, concerns and become better people; in most cases they never achieve anything. Dreams are mandatory, but they must be backed by actions. Otherwise they would have no reason to exist. Only dreaming about achieving an important goal and not doing anything to get there can be dangerous. One can lose himself, after years, in the belief that he is worthless, because nothing came out of all the plans. The question is how much did this person do, how much time and energy did he devote to make the dream come through?

Make specific goals and agree the execution time

Goals that you set for yourself must be, one - precise, because then your brain knows what to focus on and strive for. The second - goals must be realistic, based on your life experience and connected to a specific time frame. E.g. setting a goal - by the end of the year I will become an outstanding  graphic artist, is absurd, if you never have had to deal with graphics programs, or you never drew anything. It is not a goal, but you are merely fooling yourself.

Delivery time must also be realistic, because otherwise you will not feel the slightest need to implement it. You will not become a master of martial arts in a few months, because it takes years of work.

Divide the road to your goal into stages

Achieving something very important, some powerful skills, earning big money or dealing with your own demons sometimes requires many years of work, a tough fight with yourself and many sacrifices. When you see in front of you such a huge goal, you will feel at some point that you will not be able to achieve it because it is too far away. Therefore, divide your road to success into stages. It will be easier to assume that after a year or two you will become a martial arts black belt in your area, then in the city, afterwards in the country, and then you apply for a title in the prestigious international competitions. Sounds better?

A road divided like this into small chunks can immediately discourage some people. They torment themselves with the idea of how many stages await them. The bad news - those people will never achieve anything important. Their lives will be common, ordinary and flat. One day they will come to seriously regret that they did not set themselves an important goal and tried to achieve it.


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