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How to get a man - make him admire you

Every human being wants to be admired. They then feel appreciated, accepted and they feel like a better person. They feel good when someone pays them attention. They feel even better when someone admires their skill, characteristics or lifestyle. Here are some of Bien Magazine's ideas on how to shine.

Openly say what makes you different from others

For the man you are dating to feel that you are a unique person, he should be able to amongst other things, get to know your personality traits.

Tell him what you are good at, what makes you different from other women. Don’t be shy to talk about your achievements e.g. work.

There is a common belief that a person should not praise themselves, that they have to be modest and not talk about their assets. Life shows us that this is not true. The world values those who know why they are valuable. People who get the most respect are the ones who do not hide their talents, but speak loudly about them.

Tell him about your passions and hobbies

To create a great relationship, both sides need to value and admire each other. So if the man you are dating shows qualities that interest you or is someone who you find fascinating and intriguing, you need to show your best side.

Tell him about your hobbies and passions. But remember not to create a whole lecture about what interests you. This could be tedious for him. You have to check how he will react to the information about what drives you. Maybe you will find common ground straight away? Maybe both of you love running marathons and will appreciate each other for conquering own weaknesses? Or maybe you both love reading and will spend hours discussing the meaning of your favourite books?

A woman is not only a beautiful body

Always remember that regardless of how you are perceived by men, you are a valuable human being, someone who has many admirable traits. You have all the rights to be appreciated by men for your intellect, talents, passions and lifestyle.

If the man you are seeing would only like to see a beautiful body in you or a slave who catches every word he says, unfortunately it would not lead to anything good.


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