our cosmetic tips for groom can make them less sceptical about pre wedding pampering

Cosmetic ABC of the groom

Have you ever seen a groom whose red and irritated face was covered with spots? Unfortunately, we have seen such a thing.

Therefore, the groom, not to be ridiculed on such an important day for himself, must, have a duty to properly take care of himself. Luckily – these days no one is shocked to see a man at the beauticians or using sun beds, so there is no stress that the groom will become a laughingstock.

It is important though for the groom not to look drastically different from their women. And, as practice shows, it unfortunately happens very often. Here are some cosmetic tips for grooms. 

Take care of your skin

Those who have a problem with their skin should visit a beautician, at the latest, six months before the wedding to begin the process of clearing the skin. For those who have passed the youthful eczema stage, there are cleansing, moisturising and nourishing masks. Thanks to them, their complexion will be radiant. We just want to kindly note, wearing one mask will not suffice.

Take care of your smile

Of course, it is self explanatory that visiting a dentist is a natural thing to do before the wedding. Also it is worth undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. Sometimes it is enough to apply a special toothpaste or strips, but often it ends with asking a dentist for help. It is all worth it though, because a beautiful smile will win the hearts of all your wedding guests. They will appreciate that you are trying to look perfect in this most important day for you.

Take care of your hands

Schedule a manicure well in advance and your hands will look great. Remember that one of the favourite wedding shots is a picture of wedding rings. How will your wedding ring present itself on your finger with bitten nails or torn skin?

Take care of your eyebrows

The eyebrows are another element of the male face in which you should invest time in before the wedding. The eyebrows must be nicely shaped and trimmed because they give your face an expression.

Take care of ...

Here probably every gentleman will sit up with shock - what kind of nonsense do we write here?! Because the ending of the sentence is ... makeup. Yes, we are not mistaken. Let your bride’s make up artist put a bit of powder on your face. This way your skin will not shine. Nobody will notice this mini-makeup, we guarantee.


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