online magazines for women advise, there are certain situations which are best avoided when getting married

What mistakes to avoid during your own wedding

Anyone would think that a wedding that was planned for months, which often has one or more rehearsals cannot go wrong. As it happens in life, which writes its own stories, it happens differently and there is always something that can go against the plan. Below Bien Magazine shows few pieces of advice based on the experiences of those who experienced wedding failures.

Being late for your own wedding

This is probably one of the most embarrassing and disgraceful situations. Imagine everyone in their seats, the bride or groom at the altar and in pieces thinking about the worst possible scenario (that their loved one have chosen to opt out of the wedding plans). This is a situation no one should go through.

Here the explanation is easy – someone overslept, couldn’t get ready in time, the car was late, the suit was dirty, someone spilled something on the wedding dress and so on and so on. There could be an endless amount of accidents which will make one of the sides late. Therefore it is worth being at the venue way, way earlier.

Problem with the rings

This is a situation like from a film, where the best man notoriously loses the wedding rings or leaves them somewhere. That’s why the wedding rings should be given to possibly the most responsible person, who is not prone to forgetting where they left something.

Mistakes in the vows

This can happen and happens quite often. There is no need to make the situation worse by panicking or by building silly superstitions – that a mistake in wedding vows means the whole marriage will be a mistake.

It is worse when in the time of great stress the person says the name of their previous love. Then it will definitely be awkward, but it doesn’t mean that the wedding should not go ahead.

In the situation where both partners are very stressed they have to be understanding.   

Hysterical attacks not recommended

We talk about the attack of hysterical crying as well as laughter. This reaction can happen if the partners get too stressed. When the minister asks if the person wants to take the other person as their spouse, their reactions may differ. It isn’t very good when the person has a sudden attack of hiccups, crying or laughter. It is recommended to practice before the wedding to minimise the stress in the time of most importance.


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