Kissing on the first date may ruin a promising relationship

The dating code, part 2

Previously, we wrote about a few vital rules for people who attend dates frequently. Such code is essential, in order to not make mistakes that will cost you a long-term trauma caused by an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, finding the right person is not an easy task. Sometimes, you need to spend long weeks of searching and meeting tons of different people. Nevertheless, a dating code will make you feel more confident about your new dates.

Relax and be prepared

You need to be relaxed on the day of your date. Therefore, you should have a moment for yourself before leaving. Make yourself a relaxation bath, chill-out. Of course, keep in mind to prepare everything you’re going to need for your date before that. This will prevent you from being late.

The more relaxed you are before the date, the more smoothly it will go (at least, from your perspective).

Don’t kiss on your first date

Intimacy demands both time and trust. This is why kissing on a first date is against the dating code. You both show that you don’t feel respect towards yourselves and that you’re capable of giving your body to a first person that comes around. Not only does this give a negative impression, but also doesn’t show you as a responsible person. Just try looking at yourself through the eyes of your date. Can you really imagine yourself spending a life with a person who gives away the most precious thing they own on a first date?

The only one

If you already have a date with somebody, don’t ask anybody else out on the day before or the day after. There’s no point in having a plan B. You should give yourself, as well as your date some time. After all, this is not a competition. If it doesn’t work out between the two of you, tough luck. But, there’s always time to continue searching. And what if this person is the one? How are you going to cancel the “plan B” dates?

You should be serious towards a person who’s also looking for a soulmate. You never know how your first date might end.

Act with dignity

These paragraphs are mainly addressed to women. If you find a guy attractive, don’t let him know that too soon. Despite the common opinion, men don’t like easy women. They’re hunters and they love challenges.

Therefore, don’t text him every five minutes after the first successful date. Let him make the first step. This may seem stressful, not to mention old-fashion. Nevertheless, according to psychologists men don’t like women who impose themselves. If he really likes you, he won’t hesitate to contact you first. And if he doesn’t, simply let it go. After all, there are plenty more fish in the sea!


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