Online dating advice - A date on the roof may be quite an unusual experience, providing that you are not scared of heights

Date on the roof

There is a night, a very unique and special one, the night of the 12th of August, which is one of the most romantic events in the calendar. This unique moment is a night of shooting stars. This is quite an extraordinary evening that inspires lovers to many love confessions. Maybe it is worth to think about arranging this date of all time following our unique date ideas - a true surprise under a starry sky? Date on the roof. Of course, a flat roof.

Date under the stars

If you are fond of uncommon places, considerable challenges and adrenaline that accompanies the entire experience, you have a lot of scope here. Organising, without any mishaps, a date on the roof is not a small matter.

Question – will it be quite a lavish date or a rather modest one? Because the preparation of the plan depends heavily on the main aspects of the date.

There are some very basic (probably billions of ideas) alternatives to dating on the roof:

- elegant dinner date,

- picnic date,

- anything can happen date.

Dating - elegant dinner

You must prepare very carefully for this date. First of all, find the roof, from which you will not be thrown out in the most crucial moment of the dinner. If the date is to be elegant, a table must appear on the roof. This may cause some challenges, but - ultimately – where there is a will there is a way. You remember the little thing - clip the tablecloth to the table so it does not fly away with the dishes. Even the August night on the roof can be windy. On the table there does not have to appear a whole pile of exquisite food, just some nicely served, delicious courses and red wine or champagne.

Picnic date

If you are planning a picnic on the roof, the whole preparation will be a little easier. Remember that to the picnic basket you need to add a few elegant objects - a nice tablecloth, aesthetic napkins, cutlery, glasses and of course, food. Do not forget your picnic blanket.

Both the stars and the roof will create a brilliant setting. The rest is in your hands.

Anything can happen date

Here, in general, you do not have to prepare anything, it is worth checking the availability of the attic, put into a backpack two yogurts and plastic spoons and rely on the proverbial fate. It will be, anyway, certainly lovely. Shooting stars will take care of that.

One important note

Every lover of extreme sensations has to remember one thing – they must carefully inquire as to whether the girl will like the idea and if, by any chance, she has no fear of heights.


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