Online dating tips on holiday romances which bring a taste of adventure, but can also cause great suffering

How much is holiday love worth?

Probably many of us have been through this. A holiday somewhere far from home, a breeze of freedom, freshness and novelty. He, handsome and charming, turns your world upside down. Romantic dinners, moon walks and declarations that you have been waiting for this person your whole life. Great emotions, and later ... great disappointment and maybe even suffering. Sometimes even a big problem, when you suddenly realise that you are pregnant. Here few tips from our online dating advice team.

Can you prepare for a holiday romance?

The answer to this question can only be given by you and only you. There are people for whom every relationship is a serious declaration and there are those who treat infatuation as a pleasant way of spending time. If you decide to go on a holiday adventure, first learn about your attitude towards it. Will you be able to part with the other person without pain? Will you spend months dreaming of a feeling that did not have the chance to develop?

You must remember that holiday romances in a very predominant way end with the last day of a holiday. Then you are left with either pleasant memories or a bitter disappointment and a long time spent on picking yourself up after the holiday adventure.

Also, remember that your holiday romance is a bit artificial - the sun is to be blamed for causing the body to release endorphins, they improve your mood and increase the desire for flirting and sex.

What will your partner think?

Before you embrace the holiday madness, consider all the pros and cons. Particularly strongly think about it, if somewhere, at the other side of the world, is waiting for your return ... your partner. More and more often people are forced to take holidays separately. You cannot get the leave from work on the same date or something stops one of the parties from going. And so one of the partners goes away to sunbathe and the other stays at home.

This situation is dangerous, because an attractive man, met somewhere in the exotic world, may turn your head so badly that you will start to question the legitimacy of your marriage or the relationship you have been satisfied with for years. Think, for a little pleasure, is it worth ruining the things that worked out for years? And is it worth abandoning a husband or a partner to a man that we know as his name and that he is beautifully built?

We do not want to be pesimists or deny you pleasures. Well, we just say straight how the whole thing may end. It may be either very nice or very painful.


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