online dating tips, a date in a country-side can be far more charming than a date in a big city

Dates in the country-side

Many people who live in small towns or in villages claim that city dwellers have it better when it comes to organising an unconventional date. This is because cities have galleries, theatres, cinemas, concerts and thousands of other entertainments. However, these entertainments may distract your attention from the person you've taken to a date. Look at it this way and you'll understand that a date held in a small town can be far more successful than a date in a city.

Here are a few unique date ideas for those who don't have the big city attractions within reach.

Just like in a movie

Everybody who had a chance to see a sunset with their beloved person claim that there's no other experience as this. Find a picturesque place, bring a blanket, optionally a picnic basket and let the atmosphere do the rest. We can guarantee you that it's going to be wonderful.

You can also take your date for a romantic stroll in the moonlight. This will make even the places you've known for a long time look mysterious and picturesque. An evening beneath the stars is also a good idea. Prepare a small table with some treats, two deckchairs and that's it. There's no better time than the night to have an honest conversation. Perhaps, you'll get to know each other even better?


Prepare a place for a bonfire and hide a few snacks. This way you can surprise your partner with a small feast.

You can also prepare a picnic in a forest or at a nearby meadow. This option is definitely more suitable for daytime. To make things more interesting, give your date a map, so they can take you to the snacks' destination themselves.

Put some fantasy into it

If you think that there's nothing going on in your area, you're probably wrong. Check out if somebody is organising a class on pottery or basket weaving. So what if you have never done this? Do something different, for a change. This might be a perfect opportunity to share a laugh or two. Besides, you never know what talents are hidden within you.


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