tips for healthy lifestyle - natural juices and nectars are one of the best thinks to use in winter

Proven methods for spring solstice

Autumn and winter is a time when there is less sun, there is less fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables available and we are pushed to use diet supplements and more sweets and fats than during summer. As a result we are more sleepy, sluggish and often more tired. Winter is the time of a drastic energy loss which we are trying to compensate by drinking litres of coffee.

When the spring is approaching, our organism, somehow against us as the glorious weather approaches, does not want to lift itself after winter and regenerate as fast as we would like it to. We need to help our bodies to do that. We can help with those few tips for healthy living.

Eat a lot of green vegetables

There aren’t many of them around so we have to use what we can get in the shops. It is good to eat a lot of spinach, kale, avocados, beans, sprouts or peas. It is also worth enriching your diet with different type of salads with rhizomes or legumes.

Drink many juices and smoothies

Buy a lot of natural fruit juices and nectars to give your body vitamins it needs. Be careful that the juices you purchase do not contain added sugars or chemical additives. It is usually best to look for naturally pulpy juices, not pasteurised juices with short use by dates.

A great idea is to also make fruit smoothies and cocktails with the addition of kefir. In this case you will need a good blender.

You have to ensure that you don’t consume too many fruit juices because even the natural ones there is a lot of natural sugar that is not good for your teeth.

Spend time in fresh air

Another very important element to lift yourself after winter lethargy – if possible, you need to spend a lot of time in the fresh air. Although sometimes the weather is iffy you can’t deprive yourself of a walk, run, cycle or even a Nordic walk.

Take a good night sleep

During the spring solstice you need to sleep as much as your body requires. You need to trust it – when it will sleep enough it will wake up together with the spring. There is no point terrorising yourself by waking up at the crack of dawn or going to bed late at night. There will be a time for this in the summer.


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