tips for healthy lifestyle, if you don’t have a perfect chair at work, you have to really look after your back

Good sitting solutions for the deskbound

More and more duties are completed by sitting at the desk. You would think that in times of ergonomically designed sedentary style chairs or office chairs, no one should have problems with a bad back. It turns out to be completely the opposite.

Not many people look after their backs, forgetting that this will come back to haunt them after many years. It will then be too late to save the bad back. How do you help yourself? Here are some tips for healthy lifestyle.

Basics – proper chair

Bosses should, which they don’t very often, make sure the correct chairs are provided for their employees. A good, ergonomic chair has to have the ability to change its height, move the back support, have armrests and wheels which will enable movement from time to time. A good office chair allows the person to rock in it, spin round and have regulated lower back support. Many employers will probably be offended that we suggest they need to provide a chair like this at work.

How to help yourself if you have to sit on an uncomfortable chair all day

Unfortunately, sometimes there is just no point fighting your boss to get a new chair, therefore you have to cope yourself. You can bring a small pillow in and place it behind your lower back to give your spine a rest.

If the chair is too high and you cannot reach the floor with your feet, you can purchase a regulated and angled footstool.

Walk away from the computer and change position

If you only have the opportunity, leave your desk for a little while. Definitely stretch in your chair, bend down and do mini exercises for your back and shoulders to keep the spine moving. If you feel that your neck is numb, make little circles with your head slowly.

While sitting in a bad chair your hands can start going numb – from time to time let them hang low and stretch then shake them to relax the muscles. Stretch your body a little not caring about the funny looks or mean comments of your co-workers. This is about you and your back.

Good sitting posture

Scientists worked on the most optimal sitting position for you at your desk which is least tiring for your back. The back should touch the back support, especially lower back. Thighs must be positioned parallel to the floor and at an angle between the body, thighs, calves and shoulders and the forearms should be 90 degrees if not more. Your feet should rest on the floor, not be curled up or sat on. Moving the back of the chair and changing your body angle is very helpful in sedentary work.


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