tips for online dating and more, sometimes a date becomes as nightmare which you will remember all your life

Horrible dates

Not all dates are good. It all depends on how people interact with each other. There is an endless list of factors that determine whether the date will be an amazing, life transforming experience or a nightmare and a complete failure. There are also horror dates and we talk about them here, so read on for online dating tips and more.

Talks until he drops

A date with a person who talks, talks and talks is a real nightmare. If the other person is not able to voice their opinions they will become bored and will not want to meet again. Therefore it is important to not only control what we say but how much we say.

Date with a scrooge

There are also people who try to save money on literally everything. What is worse is that they are trying to save money on a date. And it can happen that you will end up on a park bench with a coffee in a paper cup with a packet of old crisps. This kind of date could be romantic as long as you are not freezing to death. If you meet up with a scrooge who does not want to invite you to a restaurant there is probably not much good that will come of it. What would happen if you were together long term?!

Date with an emancipated guy

There are people that believe that both sex not only have the same rights but also the same obligations. When you go on a date with an emancipated man you can count on the fact that he will tell you to pay half for tea that cost a few pence. Not even mentioning the dinner in a restaurant or trip to an amusement park. This kind of person will not understand why you could feel offended. “Women always wanted equality” – he will say.

Date with a jealous type

The jealous type is especially dangerous and very much the irritating type. If after the first date you will refuse to see him again he will be hurt, betrayed and feel neglected. He will then take revenge. He will either tell everyone how awful you are or he will start big arguments when he sees you on the street with another man. He will have this odd idea that after only one date he has the right to decide who you spend your time with.

Date with a phone

A person who constantly answers their phone even when they are in the company of others is very irritating. What if you have to go on a date with a person like that? It is a complete disaster. This person shows you straight away that you are not important and their business takes priority. They do not respect you or your time.

Meet my parents

And now the last, probably the most odd one of all the dates - One of our readers told us a story that surprised all of us. On a first date with a guy, who she barely knew, she was made to go the guy’s parents, where the man officially introduced her to his parents as his girlfriend!

I don’t think we have to tell you that there wasn’t another date.


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