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Can you trust the dating sites?

The Internet is ringing from tales of unfortunate people who will remember their online dating times as a real life horror. Unfortunately, many people have met the wrong kind of people, who deceived, robbed or hurt them in some way, just because they posted their ad on the wrong dating site. Therefore, before you start looking for love online, verify the place where you want to show your ad. Here some online dating tips.

Select a dating site in which the verifiers check the ads

Such a portal is the proverbial double-edged sword - for your future partner and for you. If someone has bad intentions, they will be caught quickly. If you decide to make fun of people on a dating site and play with the emotions of other people, you can get scalded.

There are online portals where sites employ special moderators. Those are real people – it is not enough to leave things in the hands of an IT system. Human is not as easily fooled as a robot. Moderators have specially developed by psychologists tools (usually they are also psychologists), that allow them to quickly identify whether a registered person is not a scammer, a spammer or registered for any suspicious benefits and goals.

Websites like this assume that people seeking love must be properly selected. The first determinant is the age limit. Thanks to that, people logging onto the site are sure that they will not be in conflict with the law, if suddenly it turned out that the person with whom they want to go on a date is under age.

Photo, ID card, selection test

Good portals require a person to upload their own photos. In many cases - they also want a copy of your ID card or passport. This way the person logging on confirms their honest intentions.

An additional advantage of a good dating site is that they make a preliminary verification and ask the applicant to complete the selection test. The point is to carefully select the group of possible partners that best suit their preferences.

Contact with the site administrator

Next, a very important element worth checking; will the site administrator react quickly to your email? It may happen that, despite the sincerest wishes of the moderators and the best verification, you will meet someone who will treat you poorly. This, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.

If you encounter any difficult situation, it will be important to contact the site administrator immediately. He will also warn other users against the person who has behaved inappropriately towards you.

Keep your privacy

A professional dating site must provide its users with a secure and anonymous correspondence through the service itself. The point is not to have to give the other person an email or Skype address. At the initial stage of getting to know each other online, this is not advised.

Block unwanted messages

A secure dating site will also guarantee you (everything must be written in the rules - it is worth studying it thoroughly) that all offers that have not met with your approval will be rejected. If you do not want someone to contact you, the service will help you block unwanted messages.


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