Bien Magazine - Living together requires many compromises – one of the more serious ones is accepting your partner’s pet

"I do not like your dog!" - How do you solve a problem in a relationship?


When people are pairing up, they have to understand, wanting to or not, that they take the other person with, as they say, all of their baggage. So - with their tastes, habits, tendencies and faults. But also, if a person owns them, their pets. And here often, unfortunately, the problem begins. Because until they lived together, the dog of a partner was only a funny, sometimes disturbing companion of walks or dates. But what happens when suddenly they become a member of the new "herd"? We offer some relationship advice for women and men on the matter.

My boyfriend does not accept the behaviour of my dog

One of our regular readers complained. To many, this problem will seem to have little relevance. But imagine that your partner does not allow you to dress in your beloved clothes, because, in their opinion, you look too attractive to others. How does that feel? Will you react calmly and change your style quickly?  We doubt that very much.

Here the problem is more serious, because, if you can still make some concessions to an outfit that does not feel good at all, the dog issue is much more difficult. After all, you can not throw it out or give it up, just because it does not suit your partner! And we do not talk about if the partner has an allergy to dog fur (then that would actually be a problem - someone would have to move out, the partner or the dog!). But here we talk about purely the dog itself and it’s existence and behaviour.

Cannot please him

Our reader's boyfriend argues with her because the dog jumps on the bed and sleeps on it, because it was taught that. He resents it for siting next to the table when they eat dinner. He does not like it barking when it needs to go outside.

The dog has his own habits, acquired over the years, during the times when noone even knew about the existance of the future boyfriend. The dog will have to be taught different behaviours, but it will certainly not be easy. All the more so since the owner of the dog does not see the problem in the dog’s reactions, she loves her pet. Her boyfriend on the other hand is irritated by every dog ​​behaviour.

How to cope with seemingly insolvible conflict?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question. It would seem obvious to try to change the dog's habits (may need a specialists help), but it may be difficult for the dog, without rational reasoning, to change its habits.

We think both of the parties will have to compromise. He needs to accept the dog's presence, she must try to change the dog's habits. Otherwise – in the relationship there will be more stronger and growing misunderstandings. And they will bring on more and more. Finally, the whole thing will end with a relationship falling apart. The question is, is it worth it?

The dog in this situation really is only a little problem. What would happen if our faithful reader had a cluster of venomous spiders in the house?

As we wrote at the beginning – when choosing a partner, we get them with their whole baggage.


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