Tips on household cleaning with children

A child and household duties

Everyone likes to be praised for having done a good job, even the little things. There used to be quite an odd and untrue belief that we should not praise others as this will cause the praised person to fall into self-admiration and will not want to do anything else. Nothing could be further from the truth - the one that is praised (of course fairly, not in an exaggerated way), acquires desire for more good words, so continues to try their best.

Hence - the children who are praised for helping in the house, for fulfilling various household chores, are more likely to keep helping out. Studies have shown that children who have their own share of tasks to fulfill at home, cope in life much better than their peers who were free of household duties. Find below our household cleaning tips which involve kids.

A helping child more keen to help

How do you convince the child to help around the house and to take pleasure from it? After all, they will not immediately want to make the bed every day or tidy up all the toys. And here, once again, researchers come to our aid, they tested 3-6 year-old children and established that children were more willing to do chores, if they were asked for help. A child who asked to be a helper is much more involved in the action than a child who is asked to perform a task. A helper, is ultimately, a very important person - useful to an adult. We cannot hide it - an adult without a helper does not do very well!

Of course, the helper is praised for the work. This fact must not be forgotten. It is their "payment". They also cannot be criticised, even if things do not go perfectly. In the end, they have the right to learn.

"The Learning Habit"

In their book "The Learning Habit" Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman, Rebecca Jackson and Dr. Robert Pressman have created a list of household chores for children of different ages. Here is a shortcut that will probably be helpful for parents looking to occupy their little helpers.

What can children do up to 4 years of age?

Here household chores should be associated with fun. Children this age can put toys away, choose their own clothes (the choice must, however, be limited to two options, otherwise you may never leave the house), brush teeth, of course, with the supervision of a parent. They can also help with setting the table, dusting and making the bed. We will emphasize once again - a small child is praised for the pure effort and the desire, not for effects (which tend to be different).

What a 5-6 year old can help with?

In case of an older child, you still need to remember to be tolerant, do not criticise them for something that did not work out. Also, do not tell them to fix things afterwards, if the effect is not suitable. This can discourage a child from wanting to help out in the future.

Children aged 5-6 years can prepare their clothes for the next day - selected together with a parent and fold them accordingly to be able to get themselves dressed in the morning. They can also sort the washing - white and coloured clothes, set the table and clean up after a meal. Children this age know how to unpack their backpack and choose items for lunch.

What can a school child help with - 6-8 years of age?

At this age a child perfects a technique of performing various tasks. They learn in a process of trial and error, so you should give them plenty of time and freedom to experiment.

A child aged 6-8 years can independently choose their own clothes for the next day, get dressed in the morning, make the bed and prepare everything they need for school even before breakfast. They also take the rubbish out and learn to segregate waste. A child at this age can fill the dishwasher and empty it with pots or cutlery, do dusting, clean their own room, set the table, where they also know how to set drinks and condiments ready for a meal. They can also pack their own school bag and with the guidance of their parents, put folded clothes away in the drawers.


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