Household cleaning tips - Even with such a trivial thing as doing the laundry, many mistakes can be made

Mistakes made while doing laundry

You know, probably from your own experience - a stubborn stain, which no effort is able to remove, a stretched blouse, which suddenly took on a gigantic size, though, when it wandered into the laundry it could have been successfully worn by a dwarf, faded colors or dyed laundry . How many of us have not made a dramatic mistake while washing clothes? Probably the only ones that will not raise their hand are those who have never in their life washed anything. 

What are the most common mistakes made while doing the laundry? Women's magazines online checked and it turns out that there is a big list.

Unsorted clothes

One of the most common mistakes is throwing everything at hand straight into the washing machine. Dark clothes with light, delicate silks with denim. And out of this comes out a great colourful-material problem.

It is important, first of all, to separate clothes by colours – light colours wash with light clothes, dark with dark. You have to also separate the clothes in terms of materials they are made of. Delicate fabrics need to be washed separately, also – at the temperature suggested by the manufacturer.

Wash the bra without mesh

Bras should be washed in a special mesh bag, thanks to which they will not be damaged, straps and rubber bands will not stretch and a delicate lace detail will not look like an old, sorry for the expression, cloth. In addition, the washed bra will not „attack” other clothes or underwear, with its hooks and will not makes holes in them.

Too much detergent

When you pour washing powder or liquid detergent into the washing machine at random, according to your own discretion, you can count on having clothes with detergent spots on them. You will end up washing them again. The excess powder or liquid, which is in the machine, can also discolour the fabric.

Do not use the powder for color and white

The manufacturers have created washing powders for white and coloured clothes to use them as designed. Washing colour fabrics in washing powder designed for whites can make the colours fade much faster. In turn washing white coloured clothes while using the washing powder for the colours will turn them grey. Each type of powder has appropriate properties and enhances the colours or whites.

Incorrect stain removal

Another problem is adding into the wash, clothes with greasy or difficult to remove stains caused by coffee, wine, juices or grass. Leaving the clothes for a few days, results in the stain being very difficult to remove. If you throw a stained item into the washing machine, bypassing the stage of using a stain remover, it can happen that the stain is perpetuated, rather than disappear.

Open zips

Each open zipper is a threat to clothes. The zip itself can also be damaged.

Leaving the laundry in the washing machine

And the last of the most common mistakes - leave wet laundry for a long time in the washing machine. Clothes may over time begin to smell quite unpleasant, they will be creased and fabrics left sitting wet for prolonged periods wear faster.


Author: Bien Magazine

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