Latest beauty products and homely remedies allowing the return of elasticity to dry skin

How to moisturise dry skin on your hands

If you would like to have silky soft skin on your hands find Bien Magazine's advice here. Your hands have many sweat glands and are therefore prone to dryness so it is worth wearing rubber gloves while doing house chores. Washing up liquids, cleaning products for floors, sinks or baths can really dry your skin. If you cannot do the household chores in gloves remember not to use water that is too hot. After every hand wash apply cream to your hands.

You need to use products that have high moisturising properties such as nourishing soaps, gels and other products specifically designed for dry skin. What is really important is that you need to cream your hands before bed as that is the best time for skin regeneration.

Outside – during windy and/or cold weather you need to wear gloves.

Cosmetics for dry skin

On the market there are many products designed to help moisturise skin, it is worth knowing which ones are especially good. Dry hands should be moisturised with cosmetics high in urea and products containing allantoin, lanolin and glycerin are highly recommended.

Vitamin massage  

Liquid vitamins A and E are very good for the skin and can be bought in capsules at the pharmacy. Using the gel from the capsules, rub your hands before bedtime and then wear cotton gloves. Also a good thing to use is a shea butter or coconut oil which greases the skin.

Paraffin treatment

At the chemist you can buy paraffin which needs to be warmed up and applied to hands. Remember not to heat it up too much because you can burn yourself. Once or twice a month, apply paraffin to your hands, cover them with cling film and a towel, then allow the paraffin to work in for approximately half an hour. After your treatment wash your hands properly.  

Bath for your hands

One of the most effective methods is a chamomile bath with the addition of olive oil or any other good quality food oil. Brewed chamomile needs to be drained to a bowl and olive oil added – only a few drops, insert your hands into that warm bath. Hands should be soaked until the water cools down.


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