Relationship tips for women, ask yourself a question about boundaries in the relationship between you and your mother

Mothers who interfere in their adult children's life

It appears that an overprotective mother is not only a problem of children and teenagers. A mother who interferes in a life of her 30-year old child is nothing unusual. There are cases in which a mother cannot accept that her children have grown up, even though they have their own job, their own life, their own children and are capable of making their own decisions. Here some relationship tips and advice.

Mother's fear

Psychologists claim that such behaviour shows mother's fear of no longer being needed. Many women find this equal with not being loved. In their minds, children who don't want them to surround them with care any longer don't love them anymore. Women who think that usually have been abandoned by their life partner and had to raise their children on their own. From that moment on, the children have been the most important part of their lives. This is why it's so difficult for them to acknowledge that they can lead an independent life without their mother's control.

I want to protect my baby

Some mothers become truly paranoid about controlling their adult children. One of our readers told us that her mother used to accompany her to her doctor's appointments and bother her with phone calls, only to ask about her personal finance.

Experts explain such behaviours with an exaggerated anxiety over a child's safety. A mother subconsciously tries to protect her child from this world's dangers. However, these dangers usually do not exist.


There are cases in which a mother's omnipresence is caused by her subconscious desire for a rivalry. A rivalry against her child's life partner, of course. This is because she wishes to keep her child by her side, no matter what. This is a horror that nobody with common sense can endure.

How to solve this problem?

Psychologists claim that the only solution is to set strict boundaries. This is definitely not an easy task. Some people may feel guilty and others may find it difficult to refuse their mother's support. Nevertheless, if an intrusive mother makes your life miserable, you must put your foot down.


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