Relationship tips and advice - there are some seemingly harmless behaviours that can actually destroy a relationship

Habits that destroy every relationship

Even the best couples go through a crisis once in a while – a temporary crisis, a long-term crisis, the one they discuss, or the one that they leave behind in the veil of silence. However, many relationships are often destroyed without either of the interested parties even knowing about it. The reason for this is very trivial – bad habits. They can destroy even those relationships that seem perfect and established. The main problem is that bad habits are very subtle, hence difficult to notice. Nevertheless, they can be very dangerous. Psychologists specify a few exceptionally toxic behaviours. We give you some relationship tips and advice below.

Significant problem constant carping

Carping can undermine even the strongest bond. It destroys relationships slowly, but it's very effective. What's more important is that we're not talking about caring about your partner. It's about everyday stuff and life's injustice. This will not improve the world, but will surely harm your partner's opinion about you. If you're going to be constantly unhappy about your life, your partner will eventually give up on you.

This is why you have to control your carping habit. Instead of complaining all the time, try talking about something pleasant. We know it's not easy, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Equally significant problem criticising

Psychologists emphasize that exaggerated criticism is negative for relationships. You can't focus your entire energy on attacking your partner and bringing up their mistakes. Everybody who's constantly criticised is incapable of maintaining a high self-esteem. This can lead to two scenarios. One – a criticised person's self-esteem becomes drastically lower. Two – a criticised person begins to defend themselves by criticising their partner. Neither of these scenarios gives a chance for achieving an agreement.

This is why complimenting your partner is much better. Of course, they should repay you with the same.

Aggressive arguments over nothing

There are plenty of couples that tend to fight over nothing. Psychologists claim that a relaxed evaluation of a problem is vital. This allows avoiding arguments over a mere trifle. Moreover, never start an argument in public, as well as in front of your friends. Nobody has the right to interfere in problems of a couple and such situation is bound to take place in the aforementioned scenario.

You should always consider if a problem is serious enough to get so emotional about it. And if it is, try solving it at home.


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