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How to find your passion

A passion is an activity that brings you great pleasure and which you complete for the sake of doing it. You do not have to earn money from it, you do not need the approval of others who say whether you are doing it right or wrong. A passion is something that is just yours. It is also a driving force that enhances and improves your everyday life. How do you recognise this passion? If you leave for a few days the thing that you really like to do, and you will feel that you miss it a lot it, means that you have a passion for it.

The problem is that many people have no idea what their passion is, but they really wish to find it, knowing they have a potential to realise it. In our article Bien Magazine explores a little deeper.

Look for your passion

Looking for a passion is similar to looking for a talent – sometimes you may not immediately know what you are good at and what you would like to specialise in. People sometimes do not discover their talents and passions for years. But the essence of things is to try and keep looking for it, otherwise you will not find out what your passion is. Of course, you do not have to search the whole world to find what brings you pleasure. You already know what you hate, what is alien to you and what feels good and familiar. Search through the things that attract you.

Be patient and consistent

A person without a passion is a person who started something with great enthusiasm and commitment and after some time, stopped doing it. It seems that this person did not come across their passion, because when they do they will not want to ever part with it. This search may take a long time, even years, so do not stop or get discouraged if results do not come immediately.

You cannot force yourself in to a passion

A passion must give you a hundred percent of pleasure, emerge from within you and be a part of you. If you force yourself in to diving for example and it does not bring you pleasure, even though you love swimming, do not continue with it, because not a lot of good will come of it. If something puts you off straight away it will certainly not be your passion.

And the second issue – do not let the pressure of the world, your close ones, your family, friends influence you as they may be trying to suggest to you some passion. As a rule, they will advise you things that makes them happy. But that does not mean that you will find yourself in it.

Do not be afraid to stand out

It may happen that your passion is strange or peculiar, because you're taking photos of handrails or old, rusty gates. If you feel that your passion will induce a smile of pity in others, it does not mean that you should give it up. Be in spite of others, proud of being different. You do not duplicate common passions and you have the courage to do what you enjoy. You never know if your photos of old, remembering old times gates will not one day win a prestigious international competition or artistic photography.


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