Online dating advice - Sometimes it is worth deciding to go on a second date even if the first one did not go too well

Not a very successful date, should you try again?

Many people have had very bad experiences during their first date. It turned out that their partner was being terribly rude, unkind and ill-mannered. The conversation broke off after each sentence and both sides dreamed about it being finally over. Or, the person met on a date turned out to be too boring or too self-involved. We can go on and on. On a date everything can go wrong. In this case should we be immediately discouraged and stop dating? Under no circumstances! As women's magazines online advice - only the one who seeks, finds. So – let’s get to work.

Forgive and smile

The first date with a stranger is stressful for both parties. You never know whether you will say something stupid or do something you will be ashamed of. You both have stage fright and both feel stressed in the new situation. You must assume that a sense of humor, smile and tolerance will do the trick. If you happen to say something or do something not very fortunate, turn it into a joke, or do not comment at all. Do not immediately criticise the other person if something does not go well for them.

Of course, if you feel that nothing good will come of the meeting, it is clear then, it makes no sense to go through it once again. But do not assume in this case that this is the end and you will never find your match.

Do not compare

If you have been through a miserable relationship, heartbreak or separation, you may have a tendency to compare former partners with the person you are dating. This is a very bad and harmful to the newly-met person. They are someone completely different from the person you were with in a previous relationship. Give the new person a chance, see what they are like, find out things about them.

Finally – you did not split up with your ex to now seek their exact double. So - even if on a first date it turns out that the new person is quite different from the one you used to be with, give them a chance.

Do not judge after the first meeting

If the first meeting turned out to be just a nice time spent together and you did not feel the "butterflies in your stomach", it is worth to consider whether you really need to end the relationship. If you felt comfortable talking to each other, you understood each other, is it not worth to see how things turn out? If this will not create a perfect relationship (although you never know, because a lot of relationships was based on friendship first and then later on they fell in love), maybe you will make perfect friends.

Being guided by the first impression, which also was distorted by stress, is an extremely bad idea. You can lose more than you think.


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