Five minutes are definitely enough to tell if you wish to meet someone again

Speed dating – is this worth your time?

The name speed dating comes from the fact that it lasts approximately five minutes. However, it appears that this is enough time to find somebody interesting, or, on the other hand, to tell if somebody is not your type. Five minutes is enough time to tell something about yourself, as well as about your interests. If you find a particular person attractive, you can mark this in a special form. Of course, after the speed dating, you can take the person you like to a regular date – those who wish to see each other again can leave their phone numbers or other forms of contacting them.

Speed dating can be addictive

A well organised speed date can be addictive. It appears that many people wish to repeat this activity because it makes them feel comfortable. Moreover, they find speed dating very entertaining. The best thing about speed dating is that it has been made for people who search for their soulmates. Therefore, nobody needs to feel embarrassed and has no second thoughts about approaching a person they find attractive. Some people come to speed dates because they wish to find true love. Others have much time and want to meet new people. Regardless of the reasons, everybody who attends speed dates is having a good time. They treat this activity as a social game.

Speed dating is better than online dating

Many people who had been looking for love on dating websites were disappointed because a person they dated appeared to be completely different from what their profile stated. That’s not the case when it comes to speed dating. You see these people in person, you get to talk to them and there’s either a spark between you or there isn’t.

Of course, there are people who are against speed dating. They usually claim that there’s no way to get to know a person in a few minutes and that the first impression may be deceiving. However, that’s not the point of speed dating. Speed dating is a nice way to spend time, which might result in love. If you put things this way, it’s difficult to disagree that speed dating is a very positive concept.


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