A millionaire boyfriend can change every aspect of your life, here our online dating advice

Millionaire wanted!

Finding a millionaire is a full-time job. Being a seductive beauty with a perfect body is not enough. You need to keep in mind that the vast majority of men who had to work for their millions, are not interested in a woman who is vain or shallow. A millionaire seeks a challenge. This is why you need to put a lot of effort into this task. Women's online magazine advises.

What should you change?

This matter is very difficult. Unfortunately, you can't always take care of it by yourself. People tend not to look critically at themselves. Ask anyone honest about their opinion on your looks, as well as your personality. Establish what's wrong and put as much effort as possible in to improving those features. You have to become a woman who has an intriguing personality. This attracts millionaires like a magnet.

Be up to date and improve your skills

Be up to date with topics that rich people are interested in. You have to be knowledgeable about economy, politics, art, music and history. Good wine, good food, good manners – they all should also be among things you're interested in.

Playing tennis or golf, horse riding, sailing - these are also valuable interests. Learn to be a perfect cook and find anything you can about the art of throwing parties.

Last, but not least – try to attend places that are popular among millionaires.

Be Classy

Let professionals help you become classy. Don't trust your intuition. Experts know exactly what manners you should practice, as well as what you should wear, in order to become a millionaire's wife. Wear classic, well-tailored clothes, made of natural material. Their colour has to be subdued. Moreover, your jewellery has to be simple, your make-up has to be subtle and your hair elegant.

You have to learn how to be a lady. This includes principles of etiquette, which you can find in many books. Keep in mind that you have to have qualities of both a joyful young girl and a lady.

A few final remarks

Have some self-respect! No matter what, never have sex on your first date with a millionaire. Never accept his gifts, until you two are engaged. Don't let him meet your family because you can never know how this relationship is going to develop.


Author: Bien Magazine

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