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Future starts today

The famous words of Saint John Paul II “Future starts today, not tomorrow” make us think. Those are not words relating to faith but to the daily life and the human search of happiness. Why here and now do I have an impact on my future? – This question is probably asked daily by most people. The answer is very simple. Check below for our personal development top tips.

What you will do today will pay you tomorrow and in the future

The logic here is simple. If you do something important for yourself today, tomorrow and the day after, in the future you will reap a reward. This will not be a reward given by fate, life or the forces of the universe, you give it to yourself. If today, against all opposite forces you manage to fight and succeed in solving a domineering problem, you are on a better road to tomorrow, the day after and in few years to being a happier, better and stronger person.

This truth also works in the opposite direction. If today you neglect something that is important to you which can affect you or your close ones future, this will take its revenge on you and you will not be able to blame other people that you lost your chance.

You have to start here and now

It is an often occurrence that someone, in a carefree way, declares that they have all the time in the world. It isn’t as bad if it relates to trivial things like cleaning the house. The problem starts when this relates to important things, regarding the future, a relationship, or a job battling own weaknesses. Understand that here there are no “someday”, “tomorrow”, “later” or “maybes”. If you don’t do something now and make the important decision, you may not get a chance to make it again. Even if you will get a chance to do it in the future you wasted a lot of valuable time waiting around.

It will come

This is a second, commonly made mistake of people waiting for the so called “lucky strike”. They believe there is a higher power, fate or just a lucky coincidence which will suddenly and unexpectedly change everything that will bring them happiness. The problem is that those things don’t usually just come to people and so the person lives in disappointment, bitterness and has the feeling of hurt. It is hard to feel any different if they didn’t secure their own future and didn’t provoke changes in their lives.

Changes require time

No one can think that the important changes will instantly bring great results. This takes time. But for them to even exist they have to be arranged here and now, because the future starts in this very moment.


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