best personal development tips - establish working system which will save a lot of time for you

How do you have more free time?

As it turns out, you can greatly affect the amount of spare time you have. You just have to take appropriate steps. In our article, we will present several ways to improve your daily plan with our personal development top tips.

Once you create an action plan, choose the most important things

At the beginning, what we have already mentioned in other articles, you need to create a logical easy to follow action plan. Then you have to choose what is most important out of all the actions and carry out the task from start to finish. It is not worth distracting yourself by doing many things at the same time, because not much good comes out of it. So - finish one and then start another.

When you manage to finalise something, reward yourself in even the smallest way. Take a break, eat something good or take a breath of fresh air. Do something nice. Your brain needs to understand that after the effort it is always rewarded, it is then more motivated to act and to do things efficiently.

Do not forget to rest

It may sound a bit ridiculous to recommend such a thing in an article which is supposed to advise how to gain more time for oneself, for enjoyment and rest. But interestingly, if you plan your rest well, get enough sleep, find time for a daily walk or if necessary, even a nap, you will soon find that you work faster, more efficiently and thus you have more time for yourself. Remember - in everything you need to keep balance - it is the same with work and rest. They have to have balance.

Remove what distracts you

Everything that will disturb you at work makes you work longer and harder. The brain needs a lot of time to get back to the full state of concentration from which it was torn away. Therefore, when you work, try to isolate yourself from everything that can distract you. Turn off the phone, do not peek on the Internet, if the radio is bothering you, turn it off. Check what does not help you work and remove it. You will gain time - you will work faster. And then you will have more time later for yourself.

Work where you are most comfortable

If you have the opportunity, choose the right work environment for you. There are people who love to work in the hustle and bustle of the office or a coffee shop, others will get the job done brilliantly quickly for example in the woods. But if you are sentenced to work in an office, prepare your place to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. The better the atmosphere, the better the job.

Gather everything you need around you

Researchers have found that finding various things (including files on your computer) takes us as much as half an hour a day! Pure waste of time. If you prepare everything you need before hand, you will get half an hour for yourself. It is a lot.

Likewise, you need to put everything back where the object belongs. Do not put it where it will be "at hand", because you will most likely soon forget that the item changed place and you will look for it helplessly. Save time. If something is where it should be, you will find it almost without looking.


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