tips for healthy lifestyle - the gym is not the only place where you can get fit

I do not like the gym, how do you stay fit? - Part 1

As we all know, the origins of new habits, especially those healthy ones that require a bit of effort, are often tedious and are not always successfully implemented in life. But there are ways to succeed without feeling overwhelmed and deprived. We can easily fool our sometimes lazy brain and go for a walk, it will not feel like exercise, but you will definitely burn calories. It is a great place to start. It is the beginning of your new way of life and your body begins to move in a nice and pleasant way without too much of a discouraging effort. We bring fresh air into our body while it gets used to the movement. Walks also have proven to have a beneficial effect on your mind as they help you to relax and unwind. In our women's health magazine we explore this topic further.

A plan is the key to success

Once you decide to frequently move your body, you need to efficiently plan the changes you want to achieve. It is worth writing down in a calendar a short plan of action for each day. This way after successfully achieving your daily target you can mark it as completed. As previously mentioned in other articles, writing things down has a magical power, it affects us more than the spoken word and gives you a better chance of implementing your plan. So instead of watching TV, arrange to meet your friends outside, go for a walk, ride a bike, write in your calendar different routes you want to take when walking your dog and what goals you want to achieve. Plan it for a week and then review your previous week. Trust me, you will not regret it and your pooch might be grateful for the different walks too!

Ready for the next step?

Once your body gets used to the different kinds of movement; fast walks, going up and down hill, we can raise the bar and start adding a few minutes of different exercise every day. This will accelerate your breathing and at the same time improve your fitness level. You will then also be able to burn more calories faster and get into shape in no time. You can practice yoga, which despite appearances is not easy, you can ride a bike, go ice skating or even horse ride. The are many options and only you can decide what brings you pleasure. It is necessary that you associate each exercise with pleasure because your brain will be drawn to things that bring you pleasure and repel you from pain. The human brain likes to be rewarded rather than punished, so treat your favorite horse riding session as a  sensational hobby that allows you to stay in great shape.


Author: Bien Magazine

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