online magazines UK, in order to save money on buying school starter kit, keep an eye on various discounts

How to reduce costs of a school starter kit?

At the end of the summer holiday, many parents begin feeling anxiety. Why? They have to buy their children school equipment, which is usually quite expensive. Moreover, there might be a problem of buying new clothes, because the old ones have become too small. Children grow fast, you know.

We have a few small saving tips and suggestions for everybody, who has the aforementioned issues.

Save minor amounts during the entire year

This is a method, which demands plenty of self-discipline. You can open a special bank account, where you would deposit some money once a week, or once a month. One year should be sufficient to collect the necessary amount. Of course, your first step should be establishing how much money you will need. After you have done that, divide this amount by the number of months, in which you will be able to deposit money. Keep in mind not to spend this money on something else.

Used books fair

Many schools organise fairs, where you can buy used textbooks. You should also search for them in your local bookstore, as well as in online bookstores. This might be a great way to save a lot of money.

Browsing internet forums regarding school equipment is also a good idea. Their users eagerly offer to sell used textbooks, as well as other school accessories. We're aware that your child may not be impressed with the fact that they will have to use old books. Nevertheless, they will only use them for one year, which should be a convincing argument.

Buy in hypermarkets

It's a good idea to buy notebooks and stationery directly before the summer holidays end. This is the period, in which many hypermarkets offer massive discounts for these products. Producers are simply dying to meet customer's demands.

Visit second-hand shops

Some second-hand shops can amaze you with their offer. A lot of them have clothes that are almost brand new. Moreover, they have many outfits made by world famous producers. This is very important for some children. It's true that kids prefer to wear brand new things, but the problem is that these clothes will become too small in a blink of an eye.


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