Relationship advice for women and men - How to create a happy relationship

What makes it difficult to create a relationship?

If you stubbornly say that you will not be able to create a good relationship, that you are not lucky in love, why do you get annoyed with your own destiny that does not place your other half right in front of you? If you do not want something, you do not get it.

Neuroscientists and physicists have long proved that thoughts have the power to materialise themselves and thanks to them we create our own lives. So - if we design a failure, we attract bad luck – it is hard to be furious about it with anyone except ourselves. Bien Magazine is here to help.

Check how you think

You will probably get furious at the mere suggestion that you are boycotting your own desires, explaining to your own self that you do not deserve love. Be courageous and honest with yourself, carefully listen to your own thoughts, but not the controlled ones, created for the purpose of answering the question: "What comes into my mind when I think about whether I deserve love?". Ask yourself honestly - do you feel that with all of your power and all of your heart you really strive for happiness?

Destructive words

There are a lot of beliefs about love and relationships, which are not confirmed in practice. Unfortunately, those nested in your mind, can bring real destruction into your life.

What are the harmful beliefs? Some of the are listed below:

- "True love only comes once" – a belief resulting from a bad experience in the second or subsequent relationships. When the first relationship seemed perfect to the person, but in fact was nothing more than falling in love - which is completely different from real love, as different as the day to night.

- "The arrival of love is announced by fanfares and fireworks" - if you immediately, at the first meeting or first date, do not feel that the world has gone crazy, the sky is falling on your head, that you are left breathless from the amazement, it does not mean that this is not the right person; sometimes love grows long and slow.

- "Love hurts" – it is certainly not true; if once or twice things fell through, this is no proof. You were just unlucky to meet an inadequate person; you must not generalise, because the fact that something did not go your way does not mean that it will always be like this.

- "Love happens only to some" - this is nonsense; but if you believe in it, try to answer the question: who forms this group of chosen people and how does one get in? Count yourself in and that is it.

- "It is very hard to find true love" - the ​​saying goes, he who seeks will find; you may simply be looking for the person with the understanding that you will not find them anyway, therefore you are not successful in this area.

- "I destroy all of my relationships" - if you say this, you are either right and then you need to find out what lies at the root of your problem, or - if it is not true, stop convincing yourself of things that hurt you.

- "I always meet the wrong people" - saying "always" has no basis in reality, for the simple fact that we never do the same things all the time, so, your partners may have "something wrong" with them, and you're focusing so much on the type of person you do not want to meet, that those are exactly the people that cross your path.

Each devastating belief can be removed

Examine from a distance and appropriately critique your way of thinking. Analyse carefully your relationships. Take as much time to solve this problem until there is nothing more to discover. Then you will find that much of what you think about yourself, or looking for love, is not true. Then - let yourself feel embarrassed, go all red in the face and ... forget about what once was. Build in yourself new beliefs, contrary to the old beliefs and we guarantee the love will find you.


Author: Bien Magazine

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