There are many good household cleaning tips and methods allowing the washing to retain its freshness

Keeping your laundry smelling fresh for longer

It is possible to make clothes smell fresh even two weeks after washing. You can use various types of products, perfume bags, air fresheners or aromatised ironing water. There are many ways. By using some of them, you can keep the fragrance in your wardrobe for up to a month.

Here at Bien magazine, we suggest some good solutions.

Aromatic fabric softener

Everything has to start from this point. Add to the wash a fabric softener with the corresponding fragrance. With this the laundry will smell intensely fresh just after being removed from the washing machine and for some time after drying. Be sure to check how much liquid to add. You can also read on the packaging whether the liquid is going to infuse the clothes with a nice smell or just soften it.

You can also add an eco-friendly oil into the wash that does not contain detergents. This in turn will give your washing a unique smell.

Electronic air freshener

Unfortunately, the aroma of powder and fabric softener will disappear after some time. But - you can install an electronic air freshener in your dressing room, which has a suitable dispenser, periodically infusing the air. Remember that this device will work well in a large dressing room, do not in turn drill holes in the wall of the wardrobe to be able to connect the device to a plug socket. The reason is for one thing is can redult in a fire and the other - the intensity of the smell could be unbearable.

Natural herbs

In turn, a small wardrobe and a large dressing room will benefit a lot when you scatter around small bags packed with aromatic herbs. Bags can be bought or prepared individually. A favorite set of dried herbs, flowers and fruits is wrapped in a piece of fabric and then put between clothes or put on a shelf.

Aromatic herbs against moths

If your clothes are exposed to moth attacks, you can put into your wardrobe beautifully fragrant aroma packs with herbs and spices - lavender, cloves, mint, hops, bergamot or thyme work well here. A feast for the senses and a horror for the moths.

Aromatic water for ironing

And last, a very simple solution to help keep your washing fresh for a long time – scented water for ironing. It can be used on both damp and dry clothes.


Author: Bien Magazine

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